highlands energy

Smart solar panels-inexpensive prices

Smart systems for Sun, Wind and Water since 1993

We are the market-leading supplier in Sweden of products and accessories for extracting Green Energy since 1993. Here you will find carefully selected quality products and accessories for environmentally smart systems for Solar, Wind and Water On-grid 230 volts and Off-grid 12 volts for single-family homes, small offices, workshops, industries and agriculture as well as solar panels for motorhomes, caravans and boats. All at low prices and delivery directly to your door or nearest Schenker agent in 2-3 days.

Our products and accessories:

We have products and accessories that you can either buy individually and pick up what you need to complete your project or you choose our package solutions. Im our store you will find:

  • Solar cells, Solar panels and Solar systems for electricity production Off-grid 12 volt or On-grid 230 volt
  • Wind power packages, wind power plants, wind power accessories
  • Solar panels and solar panels for heating water
  • Solar panels for boats
  • Air solar collectors, solar ventilation, solar fans and solvent fans for heating air
  • Regulators for solar and wind power projects
  • Inverters, inverters for solar and wind power projects
  • Cables, cabling, connectors, MC4 special for solar and wind power projects
  • Street lamps and courtyard lighting powered by solar energy
  • Power bank, electric back-up, solar-powered power plants, several different models
  • Lithium batteries for solar and wind power projects
  • Mounting accessories that simplify your solar and wind energy project

Package solutions

Choose our ready-to-go packages and choose if you want to assemble them yourself or get help from professionals in the place where you live and lead the project yourself. Then you get a ready-to-go package delivered to your door and then you just have to start installing your project. There you can choose:

  • Villa packages, complete packages with everything you need
  • Agricultural package with everything you need
  • Complete packages for motorhomes, caravans and boats with everything you need
  • DIY simple Do It Yourself packages