Solar energy system 40 Kw, OnGrid.


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Powerful solar energy system 40 Kw, OnGrid. The solar cell market is a jungle and it can sometimes be difficult to choose what to get, but we’ve made it easy for you! Namely, we have put together a powerful solar energy system of a full 40Kw, OnGrid package and made this complete for assembly. This system covers the really large household energy needs and produces around 40,000 Kw per year. In the system, we have not skimped on the powder but added what we think are the best components of a modern solar energy system.

Energy prices are sometimes insanely high and, with a few exceptions, are steadily rising and there is no indication that this development will stagnate, no, on the contrary, it will only become more and more expensive to buy electricity. The price in combination with our need for more electricity, as in many cases we also need to charge our cars. But there is a solution, that is to produce ”your own electricity” and perhaps sell what you do not consume yourself to the local electricity company, which will accept your surplus with open arms.

System components
The inverter is the very heart of the system and there we have chosen one (1) Growatt MID 40KTL3-X three-phase inverter, the second largest of our stocked inverters, you can read about its technical specifications at under the Category Inverter premium for the villa, Item number 101134

Solar panels: 98 pieces 410 W, Monocrystalline Half-cell PV module KD-M410 from AUSTA Solar Model: AU-108MHB-410W solid black, you can read their technical specifications at under the category Solar panels premium for the villa, Article number 103814

This is included

1 Growatt MID 40KTL3-X three-phase inverter

1 piece Wi-Fi stick, ShineWIFI-X 4MPP Tracker

98 pieces AUSTA Solar Model: AU-108MHB-410W all black (50.02 kW)

108 Isotec rails

99 Isotec joint fittings

192 Isotec intermediate brackets

24 Isotec end brackets

180 Isotec Hooks for bricks (if bricks)

4 MC4 contacts female

4 MC4 connectors male

60 meters Photovoltaic cable red

60 meters Photovoltaic cable black

Other: 200 screws for the joints

ATTENTION! What is not included is assembly and the electrical cabinet as these are different from municipality to municipality and are provided by the local electricity company or with a specified requisition may be purchased from the electrical retailer


5 year warranty Growatt inverter over 15 kW, can be extended to 10 years for a warranty fee of €400

Solar panels Austa 410W AU-108MHB: 12-year warranty on product materials and workmanship

Mounting material: 12-year ISOTECH product warranty

The plant’s article number: 101274

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