Portable EV Charger OB 117 Type 2 HIGH-SPEED 22 kW


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Portable EV charger HIGH-SPEED OB 117 MODE 2 for indoor and outdoor use, three-phase with faster charging is both a practical and a really good charger that you can take with you wherever you want. You charge it anywhere there is an industrial plug compatible with a red and gray plug.
OB 117 Type 2 HIGH-SPEED has 22KW capacity, has a large screen, 5 meter cable with red and gray industrial/agricultural plug also called 380 Volt plug, 32 Amp 5 pin 3 phase plug – red (3P+N+E, 3- pole with neutral and earth) earth pin at 6, 380 – 415 volts 50/60 Hz IP44 rated – suitable for indoor or outdoor use (rain/splash proof) Designed for use with power tools and machinery
OB 117 Type 2 HIGH-SPEED has 12 layers of protection for your and your family’s safety
1. Vehicle Pulsation Leakage Protection, automatically stop charging, hardware and software double protection,
2. Pressure resistant and flame resistant
3. Electrostatic protection
4. Ground protection detection: The software automatically detects and selects which grounding device (groundless) or groundable protection device (groundable) to use
5. Strong and resistant to extrusion up to 1 ton
6. The motherboard comes with a sensor (model NTC)
7. Overcurrent protection: automatic shutdown more than 36A
8. Intelligent: SMART CHIP (type: GD32F303RTC6)
9. Overvoltage Protection: When the prescribed voltage is exceeded, the software automatically detects and interrupts the operation
10. Undervoltage protection: in case of falling below the stipulated voltage, the software automatically detects and interrupts the operation
11. Lightning protection, OB 117 MODE 2 has lightning protection equipment that detects and terminates operation before damage occurs
12. Waterproof, OB 117 MODE 2 is IP67 rated for gun head while the control box is IP54 and the mains connector is IP44 rated
Voltage: 380V AC plus minus 15%
Operating voltage: 250-480V
Max output current: 32A
Cable specification: 5.6 mm2 + 0.75 mm2
Frequency: 50 Hz
Rated power: 22kW
Withstand voltage: 1500 V
Color: Ceramic Black
Protection class: gun head IP67
Protection class: control box IP54
Contact: Industrial contact
Operating temperature: -30℃~+50℃
Operating humidity: 5%-95%
Attitude ≤ 200 M
Carton size: 41 x 41 x 12.5cm
Product weight: 5.5 kg
Article number: 101544

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